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Ex-Hasidic Jew Believes that Jesus or Y’shua is the Jewish Messiah - Online Videos

Yoel ben David spent time as part of the Hasidic Breslov movement.

Shout Out | Yoel Ben David | In The Israeli Army's Head Rabbinical Core

Below is part of his testimony on this website below. Please go to the website for the complete testimony.

We began to approach the Hassidic Breslov movement, but I still prayed in a Chabad (Lubavitch) synagogue, where I began attending lessons with the local rabbi on Talmud. I wore a big kippah (skull cap) and tsitsit (prayer tassels) and grew the peot (earlocks).

We decided, as my enrollment into the army was coming up, that we would move to Jerusalem. The atmosphere was more religious there than in Tel Aviv, so we thought we would feel more at home.

We engaged in the mystical side of Hassidic Judaism through the writings of the founder of the Breslov movement, Rabbi Nachman.

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