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Israel’s Biblical Right to the Land

Christianity Today

Do Jews Have a Divine Right to Israel's Land?

By David Brickner

Chosen People

Who Does The Land of Israel Belong To?

By Mitch

Chosen People Ministries

The Biblical Boundaries Israel

Got Questions

What is the land that God promised to Israel?


Modern Israel's Right To The Land

Lambert Dolphin's Library

12 Keys To Understanding Israel In The Bible

By Clarence H. Wagner Jr.

Lambert Dolphin's Library

Modern Israel's Right To The Land

By Dr. Thomas Ice


Five Key Biblical Arguments For Israel’s Right to the Land

By John S. Kanter, M.A.

Proclaiming Justice To the Nations (PJTN)

Focus on Israel

The Israel Bible

Biblical Boundaries of the Land of Israel


Focus on Israel: Who really has rights to land of Israel?

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