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Jews for Jesus Free Ebooks Online

Blindsided: A Jewish Agnostic Finds the Messiah

But I’m Jewish! A Jew for Jesus Tells His Story

Disowned: A Twentieth Century Jew His Experience with Jesus

Drawn to Jesus: The Journey of a Jewish Artist

From Generation to Generation: A Jewish Family Finds Their Way Home

Give Him Pentothal!: A Jewish Doctor’s Journey of faith in Jesus and service on three continents.

Hineni: Here Am I God, But Where Are You?

Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician

Loss to Life: A Jewish Woman’s Journey to Messiah

Matched by Messiah: Jewish Soul Mates for Jesus

Nothing to Fear: A Jews for Jesus Testimony Booklet

Shalom at Last: An Israeli’s Journey to Jesus

Who Ever Heard of a Jewish Missionary? A Jew for Jesus Tells His Story

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